CRM Software Review is a company that provides an assortment of on-demand CRM solutions. Unlike certain other CRM providers, does not offer on-premise CRM solutions, choosing to focus solely on cloud computing services. also separates itself from much of the competition by breaking up its CRM solution into individual services, which can be purchased separately through subscriptions. This makes one of the more flexible CRM solutions, service-wise and pricing-wise. CRM platform is primarily offered in five parts: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud,, Chatter, and The first three services are standard offerings, comprising sales services, customer services, and data analysis. Chatter is an in-house social network for a company’s employees, allowing them to create profiles, status updates, share files, and social groups. allows a company to create custom applications for its employees. Under the umbrella, extensions of the service allow for the creation of custom applications for customers and social media, as well as the creation of custom websites. can boast of one of the more elite groups of clientele with industry leaders such as Google, 24 hour Fitness, Cisco, D-Link, Dolby, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, FICO, Kaiser Permanente, NBC Universal, Qualcomm, and Starbucks. In 2010, swept CRM Magazine’s CRM Market Awards with wins in Enterprise Suite CRM, Midmarket Suite CRM, Small-Business Suite CRM, and Sales Force Automation.

Sales Cloud

All of the information required to maintain a smooth sales process is accessible through one portal. Customer account information, communication with other team members and employees, social media activity, and marketing campaigns; are all available through Sales Cloud. Employees can continually stay connected to the information they require with Sales Cloud’s mobile application, which is easily customized through point and click software.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud’s contact center allows customer service agents to quickly pull up needed information on customers’ accounts through a point and click interface. Since integrates with over 80 telephony systems, customers can run an entire call center through Salesforce’s cloud service. Organizations can enable a feature that allows their customers to chat online with a service representative, or create a self-service portal with knowledge base search capabilities. allows organizations to mine pre-made resource lists by providing them with direct access to over 4 million D&B company profiles, along with over 30 million contacts provided by Jigsaw. provides criteria to eliminate dead leads, delete duplicate records, and add information to old accounts through automated programs triggered by a customer’s chosen settings.


Chatter is an in-house social network for an organization’s employees. Chatter integrates with’s other applications, allowing employees to communicate and collaborate more effectively. It allows them to create social groups based around their own teams or departments. Chatter operates like other social networks, except it’s secure and private. Employees can create profiles, update their status, share files, and view other employee’s activities. The upgraded Chatter service integrates account and contact information, along with custom applications and a dashboard. Platform provides a complete platform for application development. It allows companies to easily create custom applications usable through’s cloud service. Everything needed to make an application is already provided by Customers access through a web browser, where they point and click on an inventory of attributes to define the creation of an application. It allows for the creation of full-featured and varied types of applications; more than 100,000 custom applications are already running on

Sales Cloud

Contact Manager costs $2 per user per month (capped at 5 users), providing search capabilities and account and contact tracking.

Group is $15 per user per month (capped at 5 users), with added features like opportunity tracking and email templates.

Professional costs $65 per user per month (no cap); added features include mass email, campaigns, product tracking, customizable dashboards.

Enterprise is $125 per user per month, with added features like sales teams, territory management, offline access, workflow automation, and call scripting.

Unlimited costs $250 per user per month. Premier+ support is included, along with added features like unlimited customizations, unlimited custom apps, increased storage limits, and 24×7 support.

Service Cloud

Professional Edition is $65 per user per month. Features include case management, web and email capture, email integration, and mobile access.

Enterprise Edition is $135 per user per month, with added features such as telephony integration, the Service Cloud console, self-service portals, and offline access.

Unlimited Edition is $260 per user per month with Premier+ support included. Some added features are unlimited customizations, unlimited custom applications, and 24×7 support. Corporate is $125 per user per month. Features include access to data from D&B, access to business contacts from Jigsaw, targeted lists, and data maintenance. Clean requires contacting a sales person for a price quote. This service cleans and maintains an organization’s CRM data. Lists is priced based upon volume. This service offers access to a list of over 30 million contacts, along with the ability to generate targeted lists.


Chatter is free to anyone with a company email address. It operates like a private social network for a company’s employees.

Chatter Plus is $15 per user per month. Added features include account and contact integration, one custom application, dashboards, and calendars and events. One App is $15 per user per month. It offers one custom application, along with ten custom objects. Enterprise is $50 per user per month. Added features include ten custom applications, two hundred database objects, full use of account and contact objects, and mobile access. Unlimited is $75 per user per month with Premier+ support included. Added features include unlimited custom applications, Premier development support, unlimited access to over 100 administration services, fully customizable mobile capabilities, 2,000 database objects, and 24×7 support.


Standard Success Plan is provided free to all customers. Some features are 24×7 online case submission, online knowledge base, 12×5 phone help, and a 2-business-day response time.

Premier Success Plan is 15% of the price of Professional and Enterprise Editions of solutions. Added features include 24×7 toll-free support, 2-hour response time and unlimited access to the online training course catalog.

Premier+ Success Plan is 25% of the price of Professional and Enterprise Editions. Its added features include over 100 administration services and access to a pool of Salesforce Certified Administrators who can maintain and configure Salesforce.

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