Sage CRM Software Review

Sage CRM is a customer relationship management platform produced by The Sage Group. Sage CRM can be deployed as an on demand cloud-based service (Sage CRM Professional), or on-premise behind a company’s firewall (Sage CRM). The on-premise service offers added features such as greater customization options, keyword search abilities, a component manager, advanced email management, and self-service features.

Sage CRM uses a browser-based interface with features, such as tabbed windows, common to many modern computer programs, creating a shorter learning curve for end users. Sage CRM features an interactive dashboard, which can be custom configured to display graphical information, and through which users can navigate much of Sage CRM. One of the more attractive attributes of Sage CRM is that it is backed by a strong global company, which is a leading producer of enterprise resource planning products.

Sage CRM offers packaged integration with numerous pre-existing ERP software solutions. Companies which already use Sage ERP products can adopt Sage CRM, knowing that it is specifically designed to work with their existing applications. Sage CRM can be accessed through its offline client, Solo. Through Solo, users can access and update Sage CRM without needing to be connected to the network and their work will be pushed to Sage CRM, when a connection is established. In 2010, the Spanish edition of Byte IT magazine awarded Sage CRM with their Best CRM product of 2010 award.


Sage CRM allows salespeople to see all necessary information on their customers, and information on prospective customers, all in one application. The interactive dashboard can be customized to display information exactly how the user desires, whether in graphs or text. Employee time is conserved through the ability to navigate Sage CRM while still in the dashboard.


Managers can easily create target marketing campaigns with the campaign wizard, which guides users step by step through the process. For more diverse campaigns, Sage CRM can import mail house lists. Marketers can see financial profiles, order information, purchase histories, and demographics, all on one screen, allowing them to easily run entire campaigns from within Sage CRM.

Customer Service

Companies can setup a self-service portal for customers, through which customers can create incident reports and access a knowledge base. A company’s entire customer support services can be run through Sage CRM, including escalation of complaints and email management.

Mobile Access

Recent updates allow Sage CRM to be accessed with an iPad or Android tablet. Support is included for devices with ten-inch or seven-inch screens. Employees can also use Sage CRM with other web-enabled mobile devices and smartphones.

CRM Support

A standard support package is included with a Sage CRM subscription. The standard support package includes five case instances of phone and email support from Sage CRM certified analysts per month, with a guaranteed 48-hour response time.

Customers can purchase upgraded support packages, Sage Business Care Silver and Sage Business Care Gold. Both plans offer remote diagnostic capabilities and access to an online self-support website. The Gold plan adds unlimited phone and email support as well as unlimited access to training videos.

Sage CRM Pricing

Sage CRM Professional (Cloud) is normally $45 per user per month. For a limited time it is priced at $39 per user per month for new customers who pay for an annual subscription up-front.

Sage CRM (On-Premise) requires a consultation with a representative from Sage Group for a price quote.

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