Pivotal CRM Software Review

Pivotal CRM is a flexible and intuitive customer relationship management solution designed by CDC Software, an enterprise software and service company. The product enables companies to streamline their processes by offering software tools for marketing automation, customer service automation, sales force automation, lead management as well as mobile CRM, call scripting, partner management, and analytics.

Using these CRM solutions, a company can align its internal processes and external customer experiences to its vision and strategy. Since the CRM software is built on the Microsoft.NET Framework, it has embedded some Microsoft business products within its system such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, SharePoint, and Visual Studio. Because of this integration, Pivotal CRM software is a familiar and easy to use system for users that results in increased user adoption speed and reduced learning curve. The product line also has specialized solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of various industries such as healthcare insurance, manufacturing, home building and real estate, financial services, and medical device manufacturing companies.

Pivotal CRM Software Key Features

Marketing Automation – The Pivotal CRM suite has a wide range of marketing solutions to help a company enhance its communication with customers and prospects. These solutions will help a company to simplify mail merging using CRM contact data, conduct lead management and complex multi-lingual, multi-channel, multi-wave campaigns. This feature will enable a company to conduct highly targeted campaigns that capture comprehensive prospect and customer data at each level of interaction. Such campaigns will lead to an increase in lead quality and response rates.

Sales Force Automation – This CRM feature has automated workflows that streamline and accelerate the sales cycles and model a company’s sales methodology. The flexibility of this feature reduces the administrative burden on a company’s sales department to free up more selling time and help in focusing on success. The sales management tools offered by the software enable the salespeople to efficiently monitor and manage sales outcomes. Through this feature, the sales process will become a strong competitive differentiator that will bring about shortened sales cycles and improved close ratios.

Customer Service Automation – Pivotal CRM customer service tool accelerates incident resolution and implements effective, repeatable customer service processes that bring about customer satisfaction. The automation feature assists service representatives to quickly capture, manage, and resolve customer service and support requests without losing sight of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Partner Management – This feature enables a company to collaborate more efficiently with its partner channels by extending its sales process and knowledge to them. This solution creates an inter-company framework for managing relationships, exchanging knowledge and merging transactions across sales, marketing, and service. Partners will be provided with the necessary information and tools to succeed and will have better visibility of their performance.

Mobile CRMPivotal CRM provides mobile users with CRM tools on their wireless devices, BlackBerry, and disconnected laptops in order to give them access to CRM data and functionality whether they are working offline or online. This will in turn increase their overall effectiveness and productivity.

Analytics – Pivotal Analytics that is available in the extended Pivotal CRM suite is a business intelligence solution that enables a company to attain greater value and insight from its CRM data. A company will therefore be able to make faster, better informed decisions that have practical and usable customer-data analysis.

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