Microsoft Dynamics Software Review

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the top ERP solution providers that bases its success upon producing good quality products at the right time, in the right quantity, and at a price that consumers are willing to pay. The company also believes that continuous improvement and flexibility are imperative for business success. Microsoft Dynamics ERP product provides integrated, adaptable business solutions for small and middle-sized companies as well as divisions of large organizations. These integrated applications work similarly to and with Microsoft software in order to drive business success by automating, streamlining, and managing customer relationship, supply chain and financial processes. The ERP software also seamlessly integrates a company’s external and internal communication so that information flow is synchronized between manufacturing, managers, personnel, engineering, and subcontractors.

Microsoft Dynamics Key Features

* Manufacturing – Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning software that is purpose-built for manufacturers offers simple but effective solutions that help tackle different challenges such as global complexities, changing demand patterns, and global compliance requirements. This ERP solution helps a company to improve its management of product processes such as make-to-order and make-to-stock. It also offers impromptu, self-service reporting and business intelligence for critical manufacturing operations that include pre-built reports from Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. The familiar user experience makes it easy and simple to locate, utilize and share information. The manufacturing ERP software also helps a company optimize its performance and identify inefficiencies by configuring operations with a graphical workflow editor.

* Distribution Management – Microsoft Dynamic ERP is well-known for its effective supply chain and distribution management. This feature enables a company to confidently meet its customer demands by providing clear visibility into its inventory levels, sales data, and shipment schedules. It also helps a company improve customer relationships, negotiate better terms with suppliers and vendors, make smarter purchasing decisions, reduce costs, maintain a lean inventory, make better predictions on future market trends, and identify upcoming customer behavior.

* Services – In order for service organizations to work better, they need to quickly identify and share information, collaborate effectively, and make well-informed decisions. Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution for service industries is aimed at managing and integrating every business aspect. This solution has the ability to support and connect key business processes such as human resources and accounting. The service industry ERP can also effectively manage process outsourcing, anticipate shifting demand, effectively allocate internal resources, deliver products on-time and on-specification, increase billable hours, and estimate project costs accurately in order to improve customer satisfaction.

* Public Sector – Microsoft Dynamics ERP software for the public sector is designed to streamline critical business processes and effectively manage financial operations. This feature empowers a company’s employees to be more productive in their roles and effectively provides them with the specific information they need to carry out their roles. It also maximizes a company’s existing IT investment and lowers TCO (total cost of ownership).

* Retail – The Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution that is tailor-made for a retail business helps to increase productivity and customer service across a company’s workforce in order to enable each employee to reach his/her full potential. It also helps a company access real-time data, optimize its operations, anticipate trends, and capitalize on new opportunities.


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