Lawson Software Review

Since its founding in 1975, Lawson has continuously developed and delivered industry-focused ERP solutions that offer reliability, cost-effectiveness, performance, and flexibility. Lawson not only has offices in its Minnesota, USA headquarters, but also in Europe and Asia. Lawson has more than 4,500 customers across 68 countries that range from large, global organizations to small or mid-sized companies. Lawson provides feature-rich enterprise resource planning solutions that are aimed at helping a company’s operations run more smoothly and effectively with the goal of increasing profitability. These solutions integrate effectively with a company’s existing technology and are easy to install. Lawson believes that one size does not fit all; its ERP solutions are tailor-made to meet the specific needs and conditions of individual industries. The industry focus helps simplify the ERP software, which in turn facilitates the effective management of change and cost reduction. Lawson directly links its software to a company’s performance and targets its pain points.

Lawson Key Features

 * Supply Chain Management (SCM) – Lawson SCM solution provides a powerful means for supporting extensive supply chain activities with the aim of optimizing customer service levels and maximizing profitability. The SCM feature offers the necessary tools to bring about increased visibility and proper management of materials, information and financial flow.

* Manufacturing Management – Lawson’s manufacturing management feature is intended to support operational efficiencies and reduce overhead costs in mixed-mode, process, and discrete manufacturing companies. By increasing focus on complex regulatory controls such as shelf life and traceability, effective planning, monitoring and management can be achieved in both complex and simple manufacturing environments.

* Customer Relationship Management – A company can achieve successful and effective customer relations by implementing Lawson’s CRM software solution. This solution has tools that cover extensive customer-related activities. Campaign management and sales force automation tools facilitate new customer generation and comprehensive CRM solutions allow a 360 degree view of customer relationships.

* Financial Management – Enterprise transparency can be achieved using Lawson financial management software, which simplifies complex financial management. The software is designed to help a company formulate effective cost-reduction strategies, achieve accurate forecasting, and quickly respond to emerging trends and issues.

* Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Lawson EPM combined with business intelligence helps a company create enterprise data views at any detail level and consolidate valuable information. It also allows a company to locate and leverage existing intellectual capital and set up automatic notifications of important information.

* Human Capital Management This Lawson solution enables a company to lower its human resource costs, streamline the entire recruit-to-retire process, expand its talent pool, and shorten the employee hiring process. It also empowers employees to manage their own HR information and benefits.

* Healthcare Integration and Information Exchange - This suite of solutions enables healthcare service and solution providers to achieve effective data exchange between all concerned parties.

* Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) – Organizations that depend on asset availability and reliability for their success can take advantage of Lawson EAM software to achieve their goals. This solution offers asset data management, statistical analysis, diagnostic management, work order control, and preventive maintenance, all of which enhance effective management of operational assets.

* Clinical software – Lawson MediSuite provides the IT infrastructure required to enable healthcare providers to create, collect, streamline, and exchange electronic health records, such as clinical patient data, across multiple systems including clinical departments, partners and community care.


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