Infor ERP Software Review

By continuously building and acquiring some of the best software solutions since its foundation in 2002, Infor has grown into one of the largest software companies in the world. Among the company’s products is Infor ERP software. This product is designed to meet the unique needs and counter the challenges faced by manufacturers all around the world. Infor accomplishes this by providing solutions that offer complete control over manufacturing operations and the supply chain, which are the heart of the business that bring about service delivery, productivity, and profitability. With Infor ERP, manufacturers will benefit from fewer customizations, lean manufacturing operations, reduced costs, and faster, more dependable implementations. All these achievements will in turn their challenges to competitive advantages.

Infor Key Features

 * Financial management РIn order to compete globally, manufacturers need an ERP software that provides a single, integrated financial solution. This helps them tackle compliance demands, single or multi-national accounting practices, and taxation demands, while differentiating themselves from competitors. Infor offers a robust, multi-language, and multi-platform ERP solution that completely integrates financial management with operations management in order to provide detailed manufacturing support. This enterprise resource planning feature supports local statutory bookkeeping from one system in more than thirty countries, reduces financial transaction costs through role-based workbenches and streamlined financial processes, and generates sales invoices from different sources.

* Manufacturing – Infor helps companies achieve lean manufacturing by offering ERP tools such as production planning and control, purchasing and inventory management, costing and value flow management, environmental regulatory compliance tools, sub-contract management, quotation and order processing, and sales planning. The benefits of these solutions include an accelerated information exchange between manufacturers and suppliers, real-time shop floor data collection to reduce costs and adapt processes, readily available strategic data to improve performance, planning optimization to deliver products on-time and on-budget, and reduced warehouse costs through streamlined logistic operations.

* Wholesale distribution РIn order to increase in value, distributors need to continuously seek new sources of revenue. They need to quickly respond to new opportunities and effectively control and manage their supply chain operations. The wholesale and distribution solutions provided by Infor ERP are robust, fully integrated, and scalable to help distributors achieve profitability, customer satisfaction, and develop complimentary product lines. Infor combines industry-leading technologies with domain expertise for supply chain design, transportation management, and demand planning among others. All these solutions are aimed at empowering distributors master industry-specific applications that are critical for business performance.

* Service management – Service and maintenance organizations need to fully integrate their operations in order to drive value across their entire businesses by meeting their customer goals, improving collaboration in order to uncover new sale opportunities, and achieve better visibility into their performance. Infor ERP service management provides automated, robust and integrated solutions that help service and maintenance companies achieve profitability, customer satisfaction, and effective utilization of their resources. With this Infor ERP solution, companies will be able to manage their costs within contractual agreements and warranties, effectively track resolution history throughout their products’ lifecycle, and optimize scheduling thus increasing revenue per technician. The ERP software will also help companies discover new sales opportunities through better customer relationship management and collaboration, and meet financial targets and service level agreements through better planning, forecasting, and optimization of spare parts management.

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