CDC Software Review

Since 2002, CDC Software has continuously addressed the unique challenges faced by mid-sized enterprises by providing a wide range of enterprise software solutions. These solutions are designed to help companies become customer driven, thus achieving outstanding business results. CDC Ross ERP is a unique software application that helps process manufacturers manage their businesses in spite of the ever-changing market conditions by integrating their manufacturing, distribution and financial activities. This secure global solution addresses more than a hundred critical manufacturing process needs whether in the cloud or on-premise. Using the CDC software, a company will be able to achieve a competitive advantage by effectively managing its resources, customer relationships, employees, and supply chain. CDC Software offers one of the top enterprise resource planning services that are built on proven methodologies, thereby producing the intended results whenever implemented.

CDC Software Key Features

* Financial management – CDC Ross ERP enables a company to have a centralized source for its financial information. A company can leverage enterprise-wide data and effectively manage vital financial processes from initial planning stages to final decision-making. The financial management feature also seamlessly integrates with other Ross ERP applications in order to help a company effectively automate and streamline its key processes. The ERP software has functionalities such as cash management, general ledger, fixed asset management, accounts payable, and accounts receivable that enable a company to generate reports and budgets faster in easy-to-understand formats.

* Process Manufacturing – The process manufacturing feature provided by CDC Ross ERP software handles more than a hundred critical needs for companies dealing with food and beverages, metals, chemicals, life sciences, or natural products. Ross ERP solution offers mobile data collection, which helps a company make manufacturing decisions that are informed and based on accurate, real-time data. This will in turn improve delivery performance, reduce manufacturing costs, increase plant throughput, and ensure quality products. The CDC Software process manufacturing feature calculates and tracks job and product costs, defines manufacturing processes, and keeps a record of all necessary manufacturing activities such as tracking and tracing compliances to mandates and accurate inputs.

* Supply Chain – Some capabilities included in this CDC Ross ERP software feature are: inventory control, claim processing, goods inspection, order entry, planning, purchasing and procurement. All these functionalities are designed to help a company optimize production schedules, proactively plan and forecast customer demands, and minimize inventory investments.

* Product Life-cycle Management – When a company adds this module to its Ross ERP solution, it will reduce the time taken in recipe or formula development by days, weeks, or even months. Using this module, a company will be able to deliver new products to the market faster.

* Enterprise Performance Management – Inventory management coupled with manufacturing and sales analytics provides a company with a comprehensive business intelligence solution. A company will therefore be able to have clearer visibility into its key operations, streamline its business processes, and leverage existing enterprise data.

* Enterprise Content Management – This CDC Ross ERP feature automates tedious, repetitive activities and eliminates the filing and retrieval of paper. This feature lets a company benefit from a simpler, more effective working environment.

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