SugarCRM Software Review

SugarCRM is an open source (CRM) customer relationship management platform. One of the major selling points for SugarCRM is its flexibility in how it can be deployed by customers. SugarCRM can be hosted centrally, as a software as a service solution, but unlike some other CRM products, it can be deployed on-site, behind a [...]

Benefits of Open Source ERP Software System

There are two options when choosing enterprise resource planning, or ERP, software for your business: open source ERP software or proprietary ERP software. Popular commercial options such as Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP offer a range of ERP system options, but can be expensive as well. For small businesses looking to save money, open source [...]

7 Ways to Cut Manufacturing Cost with ERP

Companies in the business of production know that every step of the production process incurs its own cost. The answer to cutting costs and driving more profits lies in the implementation of the manufacturing software for enterprise resource planning (ERP).

ERP software is designed to manage areas such as production, inventory, sales and customer [...]

How ERP Software can streamline manufacturing operations

The manufacturing business is complex as it is made up of many diverse operations. Manufacturers, though, add great value to the economy as they combine capital investment and skills to raw materials. Because of the complexity of the business, manufacturers need to be innovative, efficient, and flexible in their operations. These factors will help [...]